VM barmark 2019 till Lettland

IFSS släppte 0950 under tisdagsförmiddagen nyheten att Lettland kommer att arrangera VM Barmark 2019. Mästerskapet kommer gå i parken Zilie Kalni mellan den 31/10-3/11 2019. Man utlovar fina banor i härlig omgivning. Ett för-VM kommer även arrangeras den 10-11/11 2018, vilket även kommer vara en världscuptävling.

Hela nyheten följer här:

Latvia host of the IFSS 2019 Dryland World Championship

The IFSS Dryland World Championship 2019 will take place in Latvia.
I am very glad to announce that IFSS members have voted in favor of the Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports application to host the 2019 Dryland World Championship.

“Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports and Nature Park ”Zilie kalni” is proud for the opportunity to host the most important IFSS dryland event – World Championships 2019!
With this event – four days of racing – October 31st to November 3rd 2019 we will try to bring the event to a higher level – in full comparison with other sports events. Raise the level and give the sport we love the promotion and publicity it needs while at the same time not forgetting about the mushers and conditions for a good and fair competition!
Besides the great trails and nature that beautiful Latvia can provide, we will bring to the event spectators and live video broadcast as well as live results and other innovations – all to promote the sport.
We are happy to invite you all for a warm-up event on November 10-11 2018 at an IFSS World Cup event. Come – test out the trail and get familiar with some of the things that are to come in the IFSS World Championship event 2019.”

10 years ago the Latvian Federation of Sleddog Sports was founded and from there on the sleddog sport has kept growing steady and strong. Starting out with one race per year the federation now proudly host 20 events this season.

I am looking forward to a great championship event in Latvia!

Helen Lundberg
IFSS President